Preparing Your Home for a Professional Photo-Shoot

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Selling your home? A picture is worth a thousand words. To ensure your home shines in its best light, follow this checklist before your professional photo-shoot:

General Preparation

  • Declutter and clean every room.
  • Open all blinds and curtains for natural lighting.
  • Arrange d├ęcor neatly, removing unnecessary items.
  • Conceal all wires, personal items, and toiletries.
  • Clear vehicles from the driveway and nearby street.

Inside Settings

  • Illuminate rooms with lights, lamps, and under-cabinet lighting.
  • Stow away items from refrigerator doors and countertops.
  • Ensure toilet seats are down, and shower curtains/doors are open.
  • Disable ceiling fans and stow religious items.
  • Adorn counters and tables with appealing items (e.g., fresh flowers).

Kitchen Prep

  • Conceal cooking ingredients.
  • Space dining chairs or stools evenly.
  • Switch off TVs and other visual distractions.
  • Keep surfaces tidy.

Bedroom Tips

  • Adjust comforters to touch the floor; fluff pillows.
  • De-clutter bedside tables, dressers, and desks.
  • Freshen up bathrooms: clean surfaces and ensure a new roll of toilet paper.

Outside Guidelines

  • Store away flags, hoses, and yard equipment.
  • Maintain lawn and ensure pristine landscaping.
  • Remove flags, pool covers, and holiday decorations.
  • Arrange outdoor furniture neatly.
  • Notify neighbors about the upcoming photo-shoot.
  • Take down any 'for-sale' signs temporarily.

Pets Protocols

  • Store pet supplies out of sight.
  • Ensure pets are secure and away from photo-shooting areas.

Remember, first impressions last, especially in the online real estate market. Prepping your home for a photo-shoot can make a world of difference to potential buyers. Use this checklist to make sure your home's visual appeal is at its peak!